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I'm Heather Byrd, a Certified Concierge & Lifestyle Management Consultant

Fully Fledged Lifestyle Management Solutions exists for one reason: time.  In today's society, time is its own special form of currency and most of us struggle to find enough.  I understand the complex demands faced by people today and created Fully Fledged to help clients find the time they need to thrive in their personal and professional lives. 

I haven’t always been a professional concierge, but I've been a problem solver for most of my adult life.  For years, my friends, family, and even colleagues have relied on my advice and guidance to tackle issues ranging from travel logistics to basic time management. This comes as no surprise, however, given that I built upon my background as an engineer by working within the financial industry and for the FBI. At a certain point, I realized that I not only enjoyed, but was successful when helping others to navigate the myriad challenges associated with balancing their personal and professional lives.  Thus, in 2013, I opted to embrace my skills, set out on my own, and became a full-fledged concierge.


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House Management & Care


"I was planning a trip to Ireland with my family and instead of getting excited

for my trip, I was stressed about everything I had to do before I left. Europe is

basically closed by the time I get home and who has time to call when you're at

work? Fully Fledged to the rescue! Heather totally put my mind at ease and handled booking a full day, multi-stop trip for the five of us - all we had to do was show up and have fun."

Kelly M.

"Fully Fledged helped find us a custom framer and delivered on price and schedule. Very easy to work with. They were great!"

Peter R.

“Fully Fledged is a life-changer. Heather has me helped plan an international vacation; coordinated package shipping/receiving (which can be a pain for me while not having a doorman); and organized and auctioned off old keepsakes on eBay. She's organized, thorough and very professional. I love having access to a personal assistant whenever I need it!.”

Katherine M.


Helping My Clients

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