Embracing Holiday Surprises

The holidays always bring surprises. Some are exciting, like unexpected gifts or visits

from friends and family. Some surprises can be a little more challenging.

A few years ago, a client called me the day of a dinner party. "I just found of the guests is vegan," she said. It was every host's fear: the unexpected vegan! The host worried their guest would have nothing to eat. Luckily I was able to pick up some vegan options for the buffet and even make it to a bakery to get a vegan cupcake. What could have been a problem became a plus for the host as their guest was thrilled to be recognized and accommodated.

This holiday season, embrace the surprises both good and challenging! There's a solution for any issue. If you’re overwhelmed, call in the professional. Fully Fledged can be your solution today.


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