Old and New Fall Traditions

Did you know the custom of carving jack o’ lanterns began in Ireland? Beginning in the early 1800s, turnips were hollowed out, carved, and lit to ward off evil spirits around the festival of Samhain. As Irish immigrants came to the United States, they brought the tradition with them. Pumpkins came into use due to availability and ease of carving. Today, fun and spooky jack o’ lanterns decorate the front stoop of many houses starting in early October.

While you can find pumpkins at the local grocery store, a visit to a pumpkin patch or festival in Chicago can be a great fall trip. It's hard to pick just one place

to visit! This list from Curbed Chicago of the top ten pumpkin patches to visit this fall might help you decide.

Visiting a pumpkin patch could be the start of a new tradition with family or friends. Take the opportunity to leave the city and enjoy the fall weather and fresh air! How can you make time for this when your to-do list is haunting you? Call Fully Fledged today.


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